About Us

Meet the Minds Behind Whiptail

Jaimee Nelsen, Owner

Jaimee is an attorney/athlete/entrepreneur and has played sports her entire life, starting with t-ball at the age of 5.  She was a varsity letter athlete in high school and in college discovered rugby which she has coached, refereed and played for over 20 years.  She is also a dedicated powerlifter and sometimes crossfitter who shamelessly loves to pick heavy things up and put them down.

Our Mission

Whiptail was born from the saturation and boredom of tediously boastful workout shirts and and workout gear that was just plain loud and not functional.   I didn't want to buy more of what everyone else has.   Don't get us wrong, we take our workouts seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously. We don't need to brag about what we can do, how great our lifts are or whose butts we can kick, especially on a hot pink t-shirt.  We just make it happen. 

MADE IN THE USA & BORN IN NEW YORK STATE - Whiptail makes every effort to ensure our products are high quality, made in the USA and environmentally friendly.

We wanted our clothing to inspire athletes, make them laugh and just give everyone something to talk about. Working out isn't about advertising for some big corporation or just looking the part. We like to get it done.We love working out and love to have fun. 

Whiptail is something different. 

Smart – functional – unique. 

At Whiptail, we let our accomplishments make the bold statements, not our shirts….those we wear to make us smile.  

Try something different.  Try on Whiptail - gear that gets you.